Ijeoma Onah is a Film and TV industry executive experienced in aggregation, acquisitions and distribution of Film and TV programming both foreign and local for exploitation of rights by different platforms /across territories.

She is happy to have pioneered major inroads to Africa TV/ Film industry by various international events  by nurturing their confidence in Africa as an emerging market.

Her efforts at various international events in ensuring that quality business and revenue generation from licensing of rights for Film and TV content has resulted in more African participations at international events . She has also worked on MAJOR international TV / Film markets and industry events in Europe, North America and Africa.

For International Film / TV content markets, she has mobilized Africa and Nigeria in particular on behalf of the organizers. She has been instrumental in mobilizing the entire Nigerian TV industry for MAJOR international TV events and has taken pride in helping producers/distributors and broadcasters get the much needed experience, knowledge and exposure offered by their participation in these events. Both locally and at the international stage, she has been able to bridge gaps and provide much needed guidance and advisory roles in the film and TV business. With a very rich International database of contacts which include but not limited to Nigeria, Anglophone and Francophone sub-Saharan Africa and beyond Africa she has got access and contacts to all that matter in the industry.