Jay Franklyn Jituboh is a Nigerian filmmaker (writer/director/producer) and Author. He has a passion for art, technology and storytelling. He grew up creating characters, drawing comic books, learning computer applications and writing short stories. In 2004, he wrote his first book, “The SIN THEORY” and a couple of other short stories. He always had a passion for film and cinematography and in 2011; he made his transition from a novelist to a screenwriter.

He wrote his first TV series titled “THE LABEL” with 13 episodes. In 2012, he wrote his first feature length film titled “KEEPING UP” and a short film titled “CAUGHT”, which he later went on to produce and direct in March 2013. He has since released a couple of documentaries, short films and Film for TV including “SENSITIVE SKIN”, “DISE’S SECRET”, “ONCE UPON A WISH” “ONCE” He released his feature length films titled “DINNER” in the cinemas in Nigeria in 2016 and it was amongst the box office top 10 movies for that year. He currently released the same title in France in September 2017.