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Shirleyann Ede is a Nigerian actress, film producer and director, working both within the shores of Nigeria, Paris and New York. She studied filmmaking in the prestigious New York Film Academy and holds a Bachelor’s degree in European Languages and Integration Studies from the University of Lagos where she majored in French Language. She also has a Master’s degree in Translation, also from the University of Lagos and she attended the Centre de linguistique appliquee, Besanc on (universite de tranche-comte) France.

Shirleyann Ede is presently the Managing Director of Little Brothers Global Entertainments Ltd, an independent film company in Nigeria. The company is interested in stories that showcase the experiences of Africans, both from a historical standpoint, in their own countries and also in the diaspora. Little Brothers Global Entertainments Ltd has relations with a number of international institutions with whom they continuously partner in different capacities. With a number of critically acclaimed Nigerian films under her belt, including the satirical movie ‘Mr. President’, which was controversially released around the time of the Nigerian general elections, Shirleyann has set her eyes on new projects, targeting a more global audience. Her next film is billed to be shot in Australia, Papua new Guinea and New Zealand.

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Mr President

Title: Mr President
Genre: Political Drama Comedy


The president interrupts a football game to declare his intention to run for a second term. Several issues spring up to threaten his ambition as the cunning and hilarious game of politics begins to unfold. He must listen or ignore the advice of his cabinet to determine if he would lose or win the election against a formidable opposition party