About the Show

An exciting unconventional, dramatic, Fun, Chatty, Reality TV Talk show about men & women sharing candid opinions on real life issues. With a fresh & vibrant personality, Joselyn hosts two/three guests every episode in her lush apartment to chat about issues affecting the modern African in the 21st century.

The Concept

To brave issues and topics that may otherwise be discussed only among close friends and attempt to demonstrate the pros and cons of its effect on the modern African.

Show Style

The first season focused on the modern African woman. The new seasons has elevated to include men discussing varied topics and sharing their point of views  with personal real life experiences. With the dynamic style of the show, subsequent seasons may shift focus on men, married couples, baby daddies etc.

Almost like a scene from SEX AND CITY where friends including host, aptly costumed in modern African fashion, will cook, eat, drink, play games while chatting about controversial issues from a very no holds barred angle. It will be funny, chic, sexy and frank.

The host or her guest will never address the camera. This will be like a scene from your favorite girlfriend’s movie.

The Show(running time)

A 45 minutes 13 episodes per season reality television show that will explore into detail, various societal topics from conversations held with vibrant personalities belonging to the field of discussion with hilarious and exciting conclusions, with a sole aim of providing a platform for young people especially, to relate to.

The hashtag #KeepingItRealWithJoselynDumas trends

organically during the show and allows viewers to express their thoughts.

By the end of each episode, viewers feel appreciated and accepted just the way they are & most importantly, relate & take away lessons.

Exciting , revealing , adventurous, entertaining , educative, life enhancing!!!!