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Title: Tough Love
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 26
Duration: 26”


Debola, who was raised by a single mother, Sade, a middle-aged woman, soon finds out that her mother has been hiding a secret from her – the identity of her father. Sade had devoted her 20s and 30s waiting on the love of her life and the father of her daughter to return from America and seal their love with a vow. Their relationship, which hung on castles in the sky, faces its greatest challenge when Sade discovers that Lolu, the love of her life, had gotten married and was now living in America with his wife and kids.

When Lolu suddenly shows up in her life, she refuses to let him have access to his daughter. However, he finds a way to get through to Debola, who is willing to kindle the relationship between her and her father, much to her mother’s dismay and chagrin.